DERMAXYLTM Combats aging & smoothes out wrinkles

DERMAXYLTM reduces the main wrinkle volume by 36%

DERMAXYLTM , a new anhydrous ingredient from Sederma based on peptid technology, utilizes a Matrikine-Ceramide 2 concept to combat aging and smooth out wrinkles.

Wrinkles are the "wounds of time" that result from various internal and external factors that impair the quality of the epidermis and dermis. In studies show that the matrikine in DERMAXYL™ helps attract cells to site that need repair and contributes to the reconstruction of the dermis. Ceramide 2 strengthens and repairs the skin’s barrier. It improves cell cohesion, enhancing water retention and reducing skin dryness.

Clinical Study:
Pigmented products tend to accentuate the appearance of wrinkles and dryness rather than mask them. That’s why we used a foundation to evaluate the anti-wrinkling efficacy of DERMAXYL™. After only applying it once a day for 56 days the results were dramatic:

Volume of main wrinkle reduced on average by 13.7% … and reached as much as 36%
Depth of main wrinkle reduced on average by 10.1% … and as much as 27%
Surface occupied by deep wrinkles reduced on average by 40.3% … and as much as 98%
Surface occupied by medium wrinkles reduced on average by 24.5% … and as much as 86%

75% of the volunteers stated that the product SMOOTHES the skin
52% observed a decrease in wrinkles and crows feet.

DERMAXYL™ is recommended to be used at least 2% in all skin care products (creams, lotions, serums) including color cosmetics.

DERMAXYL™ is Patent Pending.

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